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This third edition of Congress want to devote to the study of landscape (cultural, geographical, human) as a key source of historiographical observation. Always keeping an interdisciplinary approach that has characterized previous meetings.logo2

We take as a reference for the representation of landscape in Renaissance writings, until the twenty-first century, in which the middle and exploitation have become the measure of our cultures. This third edition of the Congress ‘Silenced Scriptures’ the wish to dedicate also to study the new issues are emerging in various disciplines related to documents silenced, hidden, rejected or censored.

We also take this opportunity to direct our interest towards new technologies and the changes that are being generated around access to the knowledge of those texts and testimonies that were previously out of the reach of researchers. In this context, we analyze the possibilities of change and innovation that these new tools will provide, in addition to the new perspectives are opening to the future in different areas of study.

Puntos Temáticos:

  1. Escritos silenciados de España y América siglos XVI-XXI.
  2. Perspectivas silenciadas sobre documentos y medios audiovisuales.
  3. Límites secretos de la informática.
  4. Escrituras silenciadas en las ciencias (ss. XVI-XVII).
  5. Medioambiente y paisaje en las escrituras silenciadas.

Coordinadores del Congreso:

  • José Francisco Forniés Casals
  • Paulina Numhauser

Secretaría del Congreso

  • Yonathan Bar-Magen
  • Giorgia Ficca


Universidad de Alcalá


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